Product development strategy is the process of bringing a new innovation to consumers from concept to testing through distribution. Our experience with the methodology involved in product development includes-

  • Requirement gathering
  • Developing a scalable product
  • Testing and Analysing
  • Product Customization as per customer needs
  • Providing continuous support


Multiple compentencies-

Our approach is to deliver exceptionally flexible solutions that give maximum advantage at minimal cost to our customers. You can leverage our highly experienced and IT professional team having full range of skills and deep industry expertise with latest technologies.
Having resources with multiple competencies is hard, than too battling with quality, cost and time is implicit, ExaTip takes out the burden of focusing on competencies and execution issues.
We are a skilled team that analyse the data, iterate on development, define the features, conduct testing, and coordinate the processes, which results into-

  • Value with continuous incremental delivery.
  • Lean framework of execution.
  • Scalable Solution.
  • Quality with Speed.

Lean systems-

When applied to software development in the right context and spirit, these concepts provide a much broader scope and framework for improving software development process. The simple tenets of Lean Production and Lean thinking have brought dramatic improvements in myriad of industries. If applied to software development process as “Lean Software development”, these practices can make highest quality, lowest cost, shortest lead-time software development possible.
Lean principles focus on eliminating waste, delivering value to customers, reducing cycle times, and implementing continuous process improvement initiatives. Once Lean principles and values are implemented, several benefits can be realized.

The 7 principles of Lean Software Development-

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Create Knowledge
  • Build Quality In
  • Defer Commitment
  • Optimize the whole
  • Deliver Fast
  • Respect people

It’s about an approach, if done correctly can bring incredible productivity, positivity and break through to organizations.

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